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Best Service offers a range of routine cleaning services for small, medium and large businesses. Short, medium and long term arrangements are available depending on your requirements and budget.

Expect us to service only top-quality commercial-residential cleaning. We are your best option when it comes to apartment, condominium, office, and maid service cleaning services.

Best Service

Whether you need a maid for a special occasion, preparation for a move-in or move-out, or on a regular weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule, we can easily accommodate. If your cleaning needs should change, you will find us to be very flexible. We can change your cleaning day or suspend your service due to vacation or budget constraints. Many traditional cleaning services plagued with poor working conditions and a very high turnover among their cleaning employees. The factor that have created these working conditions are stress, because of an emphasis on "speed cleaning" when cleaning on a crew, and low pay, due to high overhead expenses.

This means that with traditional cleaning services you can't be sure from one cleaning visit to the next be in your home with easy acces to your personal and valuable belongings. You don't know in what atate of mind a stranger may be when she enters your home. It is important to know exactly who will be in your home on each cleaning visit!

A crew of maids can perform their necessary duties and be out of your house very quickly. Instead, we provide just one-two maids, that are bonded and insured . Some Our customers prefer having one maid as opposed to having two, three, or more maids in their home. It's our experience that one maid has a stronger sense of responsibility and accountability for what goes on in your house. With this system, there is just 1 person to bless or blame for the cleaning job that was performed. Of, course you can call Us, anytime. It's our objective to send you the same maid, clean after clean. That is, of course, as long as you continue to appreciate the service that she is performing. If your opinion should ever change, you can, and should request a different cleaning person. Your former maid will have just lost one of her accounts and possibly her bonus for the week.

Another strong argument for using our one-two maids system is security. Unless your maid is sick or unable to work, it's always a comfort to know who to expect in your house. Some our customers prefer have a supervised team of two, because of the time. They are same maids, clean after clean, they do the same job, just don't spend whole day in your house. It 's Up to YOU! IT'S YOUR MONEY! There's a higher degree of consistency and continuity in your cleaning service. Since there are supervisor that maid has less distractions that would slow her down or cause her to miss an item or area. They cleaning routine becomes established and they becomes more efficient and familiar with your house. They can rotate chores like cleaning the front of your kitchen cabinets or washing down the baseboards. That gives them more time to focus on more important tasks. maid becomes familiar with specific cleaning concerns.

We're very careful in the selection and hiring of a new maid. Because we are family owned cleaning service we know our employees for a many years. Our maids are among the very best.They must first pass a thorough background investigation and they must complete a comprehensive instructional seminar or prove that they have extensive full-harge professional house cleaning experience. Because our maids are insured, most of our customers feel comfortable with providing us with a key to their house. This is for convenience, so they don't have to waist time waiting around for their maid to arrive. When one of our maids arrives at your house, you have the confidence in knowing that she already has established accounts and has already proven her cleaning ability and concern. With our one-two maid system, an incompetent new maid doesn't get the opportunity to really screw up on more than one clean. Also, with our 24-hour guarantee of customer satisfaction, you can feel perfectly safe when choosing Best Service!

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